13 Good East Side Brownstone by Frank M. DeBono

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The residence is quite famous for the ability of DeBono in presenting the look of classic and modern at once. This way, the interior doesn’t only look luxurious and elegant but also very comfortable.

The most famous designs by Frank M. DeBono are interior decorations for 3-storey houses. Uniquely, not all those houses have big spaces. A good thing about the interior is how the designer turns it to look larger with the limited land. At least, there are some characteristics of Good East Side Brownstone by Frank M. DeBono residences that make the rooms look larger. Sure, you can learn about it and then apply it to your own house.

First of all, it is related to the color choice that tends to be light and soft. Well, the easier example is white but there are also beige and light brown. Those colors are not only easy to find around but also the effect given is quite dramatic mainly for a narrow room.

Second, the arrangement itself is smart. The living rooms in Good East Side Brownstoneby Frank M. DeBono tend to be narrow but long. Often, it becomes a big problem for the homeowner to arrange it. But at the same time, it is also a chance to make the room look bigger. It is by placing furniture vertically on a certain spot. Then, other parts of the living room remain empty.

Lastly, something that should not be forgotten is the presence of big glass windows. It is an essential part to make a room look larger and more comfortable. Moreover, if there is the scenery like green leaves and bushes, it just makes the home feel more refreshing. Some ideas found from Good East Side Brownstone by Frank M. DeBono are seen in the pictures. Are you interested in them?

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