15 Beautiful Tutorials for DIY Lamp Shades

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Do you know that a lamp can influence your sleep quality? Lamps do not only function as lighting but it can also function as a decoration to beautify a room. If you think that buying a decorative lamp is wasting money, you can make DIY lamp shades. There are many items that you can use to make a lampshade. For example, paper. All you need is paper, scissors, ropes, glue, brush, wires, pliers, and balloons. First, blow the balloon. Then, make a pattern on the balloon by drawing lines. Cut the paper into small pieces. Stick the paper on the balloon with glue. After that, shape the wires into a circle and adjust it to the pattern diameter. Tie the rope to the wire and stick it. Last, stick decorative paper to the balloon. That’s it. You have a unique DIY lamp shades.

You can also use secondhand plastic bottles to make DIY lamp shades. The materials you need are plastic bottles, power cables, small lamps, a cutter, and paint spray. First, cut the bottom of the plastic bottles by using a cutter. Make a hole in the bottom center and on the bottle cap for the power cable. Stick the bottom to the bottle cap. Once it dried, color the plastic bottles with a paint spray. Once it has dried, install the lamp and the power cable. Stick the lampshade to the bottle cap with glue to make it stronger. Add decorations as you wish in order to make this DIY lamp shades looks more attractive.

Those are the tutorials to make unique and decorative DIY lamp shades. You just need to use your imagination and be creative to make it. You can place the lamp in your bedroom, living room, family room, or any room that you like.

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Katherine Lorena