30+ Exciting Powder Room Design Ideas

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Nowadays, the powder room design is often sought by home owners who live in large space of living. When the house is quite large, the bathroom will be large as well. As the result, there will be chances to convert the large bathroom into a powder room. This is also known as half bathroom. It is not the average conventional bathroom with the tub and toilet. It only has a sink and mirror in it. It looks just like a vanity to do your makeup, including applying powder on the face, hence the name “powder room”. In modern use, people are in the room to wash their face or brush their teeth instead.

The common design for this room is usually related to the whole entire design of house, but it can get decorated very differently. Even so, the space contains only the sink and mirror. Therefore, there is nothing much to decorate. All you need to do for powder room design is to consider how you like the vanity to look. Most people want the design to remain classic, with wooden tone and framed mirror on the wall. This style will match with a house with vintage and rustic design.

However, if you are more on the modern or contemporary side, of course powder room design can be taken into that side as well. There are many ways to make the vanity look very modern, including the usage of non-traditional colors, such as brighter red, blue, or even green. Besides of colors, the vanity can also have unique design, too. Instead of the traditional rectangle shape, the vanity has round or oval shape, even though this may take up more space in the half bathroom.

Many home owners also consider having shabby chic design for the powder room. Vanity will be so beautiful if it is designed with shabby chic concept. It will have more carving details and it has the old-fashioned yet very classic vibe. Shabby chic has signature colors of pale blue, stained white, and pink. They are all used in pastel tone and it will make the half bathroom looks classic and subtle. As long as you can match every detail, this idea will be perfect for the decoration. For those who are looking for any powder room design right now, they will have to consider this one because the final result of the powder room will be so stunning.

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