34+ Stuning Sweet Black And White Decor Color Ideas

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Decor color plays an important role in your interior and exterior design. When it comes to your interior, choosing color can make the room looks darker or brighter. What if you choose black and white as the color scheme?

As we know, black and white are so popular. It is a classic choice for any room since a long time ago. When you choose black and white, it gives a contemporary look to space. It looks more perfect if you have hardwood floors for a masculine touch.

Also, you can try something else such as adding a black-and-white checkerboard for the marble floors. It gives a classic look to the area with a whimsical and traditional kitchen feel. The black island with a high glossy look combined with the chrome hardware will make the area looks more interesting. It has a dramatic and glamorous feel, as well.

What about adding damask wallpaper with a traditional look? Well, it gives a modern and fresh touch, thanks to its interesting color scheme. You can add more things such as hot pink as the accent to complete the white walls and black splash. In fact, it is possible for you to add different patterns on the walls and accessories.

Other than that, you can combine black and white with a striped look. Black and white looks classic that will make your kitchen design looks more interesting than ever. When you choose a black and white striped design, it means that you should add simple accessories. Too many accessories will make the visual impact goes bad. It will only make the Decor color looks too loud.

The shade of white is good to alter. You can try for cream-colored walls and floor. If there is a brick wall, it does not a matter if you expose it so you only have to work for the floors.

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