35 Interesting Indoor Plants Ideas for Summer

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Indoor plants are great to make a room fresh and look stunning. Instead of using a lot of decorations, plants are way better because it has a lot of other functions than just a mere decoration. It can provide you with fresher air as plants tend to absorb small particles and dust. Also, let’s not forget that they can also produce oxygen, the much-needed element everyone needs to breathe. The problem with indoor plant is the space. A lot of people are living in tight space these days. To keep a lot of plants inside the house seems to be quite impossible.

For those who still want to keep indoor plants during summer, thankfully there are a lot of ideas that you can try. They are including using plant pots, DIY planters, or box planters, too. By using them, keeping plants inside of the house will be so much easier. You do not need to establish an indoor garden because it will not be simple and cheap. All you need to do is just filling in some pots and planters with soil and plants and then arrange them inside the house. They will help decorate the house as well as producing the oxygen for the entire house.

Several things to remember when you are trying to have indoor plants at home is that you know exactly what types of plant to have and how to keep them healthy and beautiful. Usually, for indoor usage, the suggested plants are the ones that can survive without too much water and sunshine. Being indoor, the plants are going to have less access to the sunlight, unless you place it right by the windows. As for the water, outdoor plants have the chance to get extra water from rain or from outdoor hose. The plants inside the house simply do not get that access. That is why choose plants that won’t mind getting less water to survive.

To keep those plants alive, try to water it regularly. Also, use some fertilizers if possible. When you have balcony or shelves by the windows, use those spaces to arrange the plants. That way, the plants will have better access to the sunlight, which is good regardless of the type of plants. By doing them all, the house will look so much better with all-natural decorations that make everything greener and fresher. Keeping indoor plants are indeed beneficial.

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Katherine Lorena