38 Very Popular Bathroom Shower Design That You Will Like It

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People focus on certain aspects of their home when designing a perfect living space. It is different for everyone. Some will focus more on the kitchen while some others will be so invested in bathroom shower design. If you care a lot about the design of your bathroom space, you are in the right place since this passage will explain the most popular designs in market at the time. First of all, the design will depend on how much space that you will be able to accommodate for a shower. If you are living in a small apartment, you will not be able to provide too much space.

In this case, a standard 36 x 36 inches shower stall would be sufficient for you. If your entire space is small it is important to install partition around your bathroom shower. That will be able to prevent water from splashing around your small bathroom. It can spike up the moisture level in your bathroom and not to mention becoming dangerous. There are some stalls which already has glass partition. You only need to install it. Usually, the placement would be in the far corner of your bathroom. It might be adjacent to your toilet. However, if you only bought the shower set, you may need to install partition on your own. Shower curtain might be a great choice too.

Despite only having small bathroom space, people may still want to have a bathtub. You can definitely install a bathtub and use it as bathroom shower as well. The standard size for a bathtub is 60 x 32 inches. You must be able to provide that much space in your bathroom if you aims to have this function. Partition is still an important part in this, especially because the chance of slipping will get higher when you are using bathtub. You can install glass partition halfway through the length of your tub. If not, you can install waterproof shower curtains around the bathtub too. It is important to place textured mat on the floor near your tub to prevent accident.

Another bathroom shower design that gets increasingly popular these days is ceiling shower head. The water will cascade down directly from your ceiling like rain. It is especially found in a house with modern style vibe. It is going to look better if you have at least twice the standard shower space. You can match it with stone based shower space to make it look more regal.

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