52+ Cool Farmhouse Rustic Laundry Room Decor Ideas

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It is not like you are going to spend your entire day inside the laundry room, but decoration in that part of the house is also important. That will be bringing your house’s aesthetic up to the next level. Currently rustic laundry room décor is on the raise. Many homeowners apply such design style to their laundry rooms because of its simplicity yet also its charm. An idea that you can apply easily to your house is adding metal washing bin into your room. Such bin can be easily found in various stores. Sometimes you can even find it during garage sales. It is able to bring up rustiness in the room without you having to try too hard for it. You can place it under the faucet or even utilize the bin as sink fixture.

If you are tight on space, there are plenty rustic laundry room ideas to try on. As an example, you only have room to place your washing and drying machines but not a folding table. Instead of going to the conventional route of purchasing a separate folding table space, you can actually install a plank of hardwood on top of your machines. That will serve as your folding table. To get the farmhouse vibe in your house, you need to get the plank with natural finishing. It will make your room looking more natural.

Adding backsplash is the other great rustic laundry room ideas, particularly for a room that has a sink to clean up stain before washing. This will prevent water to splash onto your wall. To get the farmhouse vibe, you can use subtle color and simple pattern. White and beige are good enough if you want to have laundry room that looks rustic. You need to choose simple pattern such as brick wall for this. The wall paint is also recommended to have similar shades as you backsplash tile. Some people add open beam ceiling to their room in order to evoke farmhouse feeling. That indeed looks good on any farmhouse designed room.

Another feature you can add in rustic laundry room décor is plantation. You can cultivate various types of plants in your laundry room as long as they do not disturb your workflow. To deal with that, you can actually use vertical planter or overhead cabinet to place your plants. The plants can be flower, herb, and any other decorative plant that you love. Just be careful about dirt, though.

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