59+ Magnificent Modern Farmhouse Living Room Decor Ideas

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Modern farmhouse style is getting popular recently. So, it is not surprising that there are a lot of modern farmhouse decor ideas out there. Just like the name, a modern farmhouse style applies a romantic and warm concept that is identical to nature and rural. If you want to decorate your house with this style, here are some modern farmhouse decor ideas that can be your reference.

1. Natural
Modern farmhouse decorations are identical with warm nuance. So, choosing colors with warm tones such as beige, brown, white, light yellow, orange, until dark blue is a great idea. Those colors will bring warm, cozy, and calm modern farmhouse atmospheres. You can also use wooden furniture and combine it with modern ones. For example, you can choose a neutral-colored fabric sofa.

2. Charming Decorations
When it comes to modern farmhouse decor ideas, charming decorations should not be missed. You can also bring an elegant look to the modern farmhouse style. Choose brown or black furniture and add a flower pot in the corner. Choose decorations such as wall decorations, flower vases, wall lamps, curtains, and other decorations that accentuate the rural style. To make it balanced with wooden furniture, add some ornaments in orange or pastel colors. This way, your living room will not look pale. The overall color combination will look gorgeous when it is exposed to sunlight.

3. Natural Rustic
The use of modern furniture in the modern farmhouse style is purposed to give clean, neat, and cozy appearances. But a simple look which is inspired by nature is another characteristic of modern farmhouse style. So, you can place an antique chair in your living room. Do not forget to add other simple accessories.
Those are the modern farmhouse decor ideas for your living room. Interested in applying this warm and cozy style?

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Katherine Lorena