79+ Fabulous Farmhouse Style Master Bathroom Remodel Decor Ideas

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Are you planning a master bathroom remodel project? Homeowners may want to tweak their bathroom design after some while because expected change of scenery or other reasons. Farmhouse style bathroom trend is currently rising. There are some ideas which you can apply to your own bathroom. In this style, the vibe that it is going after is comfort and coziness. You will be expected to throw in some rustic furniture into the arrangement. Farmhouse home styling tends to focus on the organic or natural finishing. However, it does not have to be old school at all since you can add modernity to this style.

One of farmhouse bathroom remodel ideas is adding his and her vanities. You need to install two different sets of mirror and sink which is adjacent to one another. The bathroom mirrors have rectangular shape and installed vertically. It has black metal frame which provides this bathroom with modern industrial vibe. The white colored sinks are installed on hardwood cabinets that have rustic wood finishing. You can see that the faucets have similar rustic metal shade which also enhances the industrial look of it. Good lighting is important to make this bathroom appear brighter.

Earthy colored flooring is also recommended if you aim for farmhouse style master bathroom remodel. If you have the budget, you should install hardwood flooring in natural finishing. The hardwood that you choose should be able to withstand moisture, and it is not going to be a cheap expense. Another alternative is installing stone flooring with earthy palette. Stone flooring can be quite expensive too, but its durability is definitely something that you will not regret investing in. Currently, you can get some cheaper alternatives such as PVC flooring. There are some products that have natural wood or stone finishing. In addition to that, this type of flooring is also waterproof. It is also durable. Your choice depends on your current budget.

The color scheme is not as important. Of course, if you want to go with the classic farmhouse style, you should focus on white color. However, in some modern farmhouse bathroom remodel ideas, other colors are introduced. You can paint your walls with bold turquoise or even maroon. As long as you have earthy palettes here and there within the bathroom, your space will still have this kind of rustiness. Choosing such bold color will also make you want to think about lighting. Warm lighting would be more suitable since it will not make your room looking too glaring.

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