85+ Very Cheap and Creative Storage Hacks for Small Apartments

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Creative storage is the perfect solution to any room. Whether you are living in a big or a small apartment, you need storage ideas that will help you maximize the space. So, if you are living in a smaller apartment and you want to clutter-free the space, surely there are some things to do.

First, you should make hidden storage. You can use it to store your clothes, scrapbooks, toys, and shoes so it will not take too much space in your small space. Who says that it will only make your space looks ugly? You can use some smart-designed furniture such as foldable chairs, extendable tables, and others.

Next, you also need to add furniture to complete your bathroom. For this reason, you need storage for your bathroom, too. In this case, you should add basket storage as an inexpensive and smart way to organize the things there.

If possible, you can talk to the landlord. If he is friendly, you can remove the door since it takes valuable space. What you can try to do is to transform a closet into a modern home office. Even better, it is okay for you to complete the storage in your small apartment by doing something creative. You can use the wall to hang some things.

Also, you can make something like adding floating shelves. Shelves can be the best weapon when it comes to creative storage solutions. You may also notice that behind the door, there is an empty space. You can use it to add shoe holders. Kitchen zen is also what you can do in a small apartment. You will need a pegboard along with some hooks so you can hang your pans, pots, and let the space open.
That is all you can do when it comes to creative storage. If you need more inspirations, you can check out our galleries, hope these can help!

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Katherine Lorena