Best 9+ RV Bathroom Remodel With Before and After Picture

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Living in an RV is now a popular lifestyle chosen by many people in the US. Just like a house, the bathroom becomes one of the significant parts of the RV. If you are bored with the current design of your RV bathroom, you can remodel it by using some simple tips. Not only cost-saving but the RV bathroom remodel ideas can help you modernize the style of the room fast. One of the most practical ways you can do is replacing the shower curtain and change it with a shower door. This is not only stylish but also beneficial. It will help you avoid any mess up caused by the splashed water on the floor that is often found in a bathroom with a shower curtain.

You can also get a stylish remodel RV bathroom simply by moving the toilet to its own space. This will allow you to provide more free space in the bathroom. Additionally, it will help you to avoid the back half of the motorhome being tied whenever you are in the bathroom. Removing the toilet to its own space will also improve comfort whenever you decide to have a trip by riding the RV. Another simple RV bathroom remodeling idea you should put into consideration is upgrading the water heater. Make sure to use at least a 10-gallon water heater. This will allow you to run the water continually and avoid a series of impractical steps just like if you are using the smaller gallon.

Last but not least. You can have an RV bathroom remodel design simply by modernizing the decor of the room. Make sure that you are looking for the most clean-looking and modern bathroom decoration that you can afford. You can also add a mirror to make the RV bathroom look more spacious than its original size.

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