13+ Simple and Fun Spring Crafts for Everyone

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You must have secondhand items at your house that you do not use anymore. Instead of throwing those items away, you can use and turn them into something beneficial. Rely on your imagination and creativity to make simple and fun crafts from those secondhand items. For example, you can make a tissue box from secondhand cans. You can use secondhand milk cans or others. The materials you need to make this craft are a 400 ml or 900 ml secondhand can, spray paint, newspapers, cutter, and a black marker. Make sure you clean the can first, then paint it with the spray paint. After that, dry the can first before you use it. Make a hole in the can lid with a 4 cm diameter. Close the can lid and the unique tissue box is ready to use.

Another idea of simple and fun crafts you should try is a pencil case from straws. To save the environment, use secondhand straws at your house to make a pencil case, instead of throwing them away. The materials you need are straws, glue, laces, used cardboard rolls, and used cardboards. Make a circle from the secondhand cardboard which the size is the same as the diameter of the cardboard roll. Stick the circle to cover the bottom part of the cardboard roll. Then, stick straws around the cardboard roll with glue. Decorate the pencil case by sticking laces around it. And voila! You have a pretty pencil case from simple and fun crafts.

Find other secondhand items at your house and make simple and fun crafts by using them. You can make a wall clock from newspapers, hanging lamps from used cupboards, decorative bowls from newspapers, decorative lamps from used plastic bottles, and many more. So, which simple and fun crafts are you interested in making?

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Katherine Lorena