19+ Wonderful Easter Flower Arrangements As Your Table Decoration

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For Christian, Easter becomes a special moment. They will gather and enjoy quality time with their families and siblings. So, they are eager to decorate their houses to welcome Easter. Flowers are one of the most used decorations, especially for table decorations. For you who are looking for Easter flower arrangements ideas, below are some inspirations.

1. Lily

The first Easter flower arrangements are using Lily. This flower is a symbol of Easter. Lily symbolizes love and hopes so that it is perfect to be used for decoration in the special moment. This flower is available in various colors. For the arrangement, you can simply put this pretty flower with various colors in one flower vase. This way, your table will look lively and colorful.

2. Daisy

Besides lily, daisy is also often used as a table decoration during Easter. Symbolizing purity, this flower can be a pretty table decoration at your house. If you want to use it as a kitchen table decoration, put it beside dining plates. This will sweeten your kitchen table. Or, you can just put this flower in a big flower vase in the middle of the table.

3. Tulips

The next flower for Easter flower arrangements is tulips. As you know, tulips are the Dutch national flower. Tulips symbolize perfect love and become a favorite table decoration for Easter. Just like a lily, you can put tulips with various colors in one flower vase. The bright colors of tulips will make the nuance at your house more colorful and more lively.

4. Daffodil

If you want something colorful for Easter flower arrangements, using daffodil is a great idea. The bright yellow color of daffodil is suitable for welcoming spring. Tie 3 to 4 daffodil flowers and place them on the corner of the table.

Those are the Easter flower arrangements ideas.

image source : pinterest.com

Katherine Lorena