26+ Spectacular Small Kitchen Design For Tiny House

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A small kitchen can indeed limit your movement. But if you know the right and proper small kitchen design, your small kitchen can be as comfy as large kitchens. Below are the designs that you can try for your small kitchen at your house.

1. U-Shaped Kitchen
The first trick small kitchen design is using u-shaped kitchen cabinets. With this kind of cabinet, you will be able to freely move in the middle area of the kitchen. In addition, you do not have to go far to move dirty dishes to the sink. You just need to turn your body. This design is efficient for a small kitchen.

2. Windows
If you have a small kitchen, it is a must to have windows. So that the air circulation can be well-kept and the kitchen gets natural light from the sun. Moreover, the presence of windows can make your small kitchen look more spacious. It is because natural sunlight can come into your kitchen.

3. Minimalist
The minimalist style is the most suitable style for a small kitchen design. The key to a pretty minimalist kitchen is the use of simple kitchen cabinets. Without too much kitchen furniture, your small kitchen will be more spacious. So, place only useful kitchen utensils and furniture in your small kitchen.

4. Mirror As A Backsplash
A mirror is a famous decoration as a solution for small spaces. For small kitchen design, use a mirror as an efficient backsplash. The mirror will reflect the shadow of the surrounding space. So that the kitchen will look more spacious. Besides, mirrors are easy to clean from splashed oil or other cooking ingredients.
As you can see, it is not hard to make your small kitchen comfortable and looks larger. As long as you know the tricks, a small kitchen should not be a problem for you.

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Katherine Lorena