30+ Awesome Dream Kitchen Design And Decor Ideas

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Some people decide on a living space based on a certain factor. Kitchen is one of the most common factors people use to decide whether they want to live in a certain house or apartment. When you see your dream kitchen design, it is hard to let go. But if you think your current kitchen is too ordinary for your liking, you can try some interesting ideas to make your dream comes true. First you can add backsplash for your kitchen with unique pattern and color. In this example, the backsplash has dark aqua color and each piece is in hexagonal shape. The piece is arranged on the wall with varying height. You will feel like you are looking at an artwork instead of mere wall protector on your kitchen.

Another dream kitchen design idea that you can employ slowly is making your own mini greenhouse in the kitchen. You can build an open tall cabinetry in the kitchen. The cabinetry is divided into few sections. You will place one potted plant inside each nook. There are many things that you can plant there, but it will be beneficial to plant herbs that you use often for cooking. That will save you tons of money in the long run. In addition to that, herbal plant tends to grow small so you do not need to move the plant to other place when it gets bigger.

Exposed brick wall is considered trendy in this era. You can definitely use this idea for your dream kitchen design. It evokes industrialist theme without being too harsh about it. You are able to choose red brick color or white for this. It is recommended to match the wall with other fixtures that will incite similar industrial vibe. You can purchase industrial style light fixture with black frame metal. Choosing cooking equipment in silver metal color is also going to deliver the vibe very well. To soften the harshness, you can install hardwood flooring. That will give organic look to your kitchen.

Another dream kitchen design idea that is simple enough for you to try is open overhead shelving unit. You can show off your plate and eating utensil collections through such fixture. That will make your kitchen looking rustic and colorful. However, you have to be very tidy about such arrangement. Without proper planning, you kitchen will look cluttered instead of looking amazing. This design also warrants regular clean up.

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