33+ Wonderful DIY Fairy Garden Ideas

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Many stunning and wonderful ideas can be applied to your garden, starting from the vintage garden to the modern and minimalist one. For you who just want to realize your childhood dream, you can create your own fairy garden ideas. So, what are the components and items to have a fairy garden around your house? Here they are.

You can just take a look at your fairy-tale book first. In a garden with many fairies, there must be bunches of colorful flowers. Sure, it means that those are what you need to prepare first. Colorful flowers can come from many varieties like daisies, asters, orchids, and more. So that the garden is more fragrant and romantic, roses are great to plant also.

After planting flowers and other plants, it is time to build up some decorations in the garden. To meet the design of fairy garden ideas, it is great to have some dwarf houses there. The houses are placed on some sports with colorful paint as well. To add the fairy-tale element, decorations in the form of mushrooms and garden gnomes are great things to apply.

Next, all types of garden basically need water elements to make it look livelier and more refreshing. In general, the element is in the form of a pond. But to make your garden look more magical, it should be designed differently like by establishing a man-made waterfall and river.

A classic fountain is a great idea as well as a place for all fairies to gather. Sparkling lighting installation is the final touch for a better-looking fairy garden at night. Those are what you need to do in fairy garden ideas. Do you want to apply for it?

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Katherine Lorena