40+ Best Open Concept Kitchen Living Room Design Ideas

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Living room becomes the crucial place in the house as it is the first thing that people look when visiting your house. Many designs are available to bring excellent atmosphere in living room. One interesting idea is the open concept living room that’s integrated with kitchen. This living room design is suitable for you who like open space design to interact more with family.

This unique concept can be applied in many houses. In this style, you have living room with kitchen, or the kitchen contains living room. Both definitions seem equal, but the implementation is different. Kitchen living room ideas usually focus on the room functionality and utility. The living room is suitable place for guests, even for the small party. On the other side, kitchen is where you prepare and cook any dishes. Modern decor combines kitchen with dining room. From this point, you have kitchen and dining room in single place. When adding living room into open concept, you can build one big room for many functions. Dining, cooking, entertaining or anything you do in house is mostly done in just one room.

When living room has kitchen, the area is divided into two sections without separator. The living room design is mostly more spacious because you need to put sofa and other furniture. On contrary, the kitchen section is enough space for all necessary furniture, including the long desk or island at the center. You can also put some chairs around this long table for dining. In this decoration, the main space is living room, and the kitchen is extended part to fulfill the leftover space. You can serve, dine, and cook easily there. However, the kitchen does not have complex tools and mostly look like bar kitchen. Adding more kitchen stuffs will consume more space. As the result, your room is too much crowd. Therefore, kitchen and living room must have enough furniture and space for moving around easily.

Combining kitchen and living room in one place has several benefits. You can save space and decoration because adding enclosed separation will spend much money. Besides, the decoration will be simple as it needs to adjust the space allocation. In fact, adding high wall to separate the room will make the living and kitchen look small. Another benefit is one room for more than single purpose. You can enjoy leisure time, preparing food, and dining without going far away. If the room is compatible, kitchen living room ideas will be the best choice you must apply.

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