45+ Unbelievable Exercise Home Gym Room You Need to Have at Home

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There is no rule that the home gym room is only for athletes. In fact, this gym room at your home can be the sign that you really have a big concern about your health. It is not only for bodybuilders. Well, since it is about a healthy lifestyle, just like consuming healthy and clean food, it can be expensive to create a home gym. But, it does not mean that you cannot make it a little bit more affordable.

If you wonder what you can add there, you can start from dumbbells. It is good to invest your money to buy a quality set of dumbbells. You can use the barbell to help your body to exercise. For you who love to do limitless exercises by using dumbbells, it is good to justify the buy. You will need the hex-shaped dumbbells. Also, make sure that it has a black rubber coating so you can use it in comfort.

Also, you may need medicine balls. Surely it gives you more than just an automated operator. It is better to buy a med ball with the softer side so you can hit it easily to the gut anytime you cannot catch it. Also, it is better to choose the lighter side when it comes to weight.

Make sure that your gym room at home also has a plyometric box. This is the best way to give you a jumping platform. It can help you get there. The function of the plyometric box is to give explosive power and quickness. You will also need it to do box squats or kettlebell exercises.

Kettlebell is what you need if you cannot go with the dumbbell. These two are a real rival to each other. There are many dumbbell exercises you can do with a kettlebell. But, the kettlebell can offer more unique things including bigger challenges such as one-armed get-up. If you want to buy a kettlebell for your home gym room, you will need to find one with a big and smooth handle.

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Katherine Lorena