49+ Unbelievable Front Porch With Wooden Ipe Deck Ideas

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Front porch ideas lately are so popular with the use of Ipe wood. Actually, what is Ipe wood? Well, you can use it for a deck, a fence, or for siding. Well, this hardwood is so smooth from mahogany that can last for up to 50 years. You don’t have to replace it too often. It is because the natural agents can defeat many plagues such as rots, fire, insects, and inclement weather impact.

Ipe wood is a rare wood, and due to the high demand for it, it is becoming over-harvested. It is interesting to know that Ipe wood is hard to saw or to nail. It is because of the density of the wood. So, you need to pre-drill holes and then use steel screws.

If you use ipe wood for your front porch, it means that you are adding something more expensive compared to cedar and redwood. Even though you have to spend a lot of money on that, you will get a high satisfaction level. It is because the durability can last for many years. Even better, the length makes you love walking barefoot.

The natural oils in ipe wood combined with the density of the wood, it can last for up to 50 years. But, if we talk about longevity, it is important to maintain it. What happens if you leave it unfinished? It will turn into a silvery gray look.

For its high popularity, the risk is that many parties do illegal harvests for the wood. Also, the cost of this wood is fantastic which will make those people start to harvest it illegally. For those who have a high awareness of the environment, they will say no to ipe. The illegal

As you see here, it is one of the best front porch ideas that will make you envy. The color is so lovely that makes the front porch is more inviting. It adds a natural look to the porch.

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