50 + Creative Decorating Small Balcony Ideas

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When choosing an apartment or house, balcony is often used as deciding factor. It does not matter if the space is not large, because with some cool small balcony ideas for decoration you will be able to have a cozy space to unwind after long day. You can add two chairs to your balcony for seating. The chairs can be paired with plush cushions and even thin blanket. These chairs can be arranged around a narrow cafe-style table. This arrangement allows you to enjoy morning coffee or evening tea at your balcony comfortably.

In decorating small balcony ideas, color scheme plays a massive role. You can definitely match the color of the chairs and table. Soft pastel color like blue or canary may look great, especially if your surrounding buildings look bleak. You can also choose natural finishing to your wooden furniture. It will be great if your cushions and blankets are in contrasting color than the chairs. That will allow them to stand out and add brightness to your balcony. As an example, if your chairs are in pastel blue color, you can place soft pink cushions on them.

Some people also want their garden to look fresh. If you have the space, you are recommended to plant flowers or other kinds of small plants in your balcony. One of decorating small balcony ideas that you can apply in this case is vertical planter. You can purchase an old metal frame for this. Giving new coating for the frame that will match the vibe that you are going for would be great. You can choose rose gold or just plain silver finishing for it. The frame must have plenty of nooks that enable you to hang potted plants there. Colorful flowers are recommended for your mini garden. You can also plant small herbs, particularly the strong scented one since those can repel bugs and mosquitoes.

What if you want to use your balcony during the night? Well, you need a good lighting for this. You can install fairy lights around the balcony. Choosing warm color for your lights would be providing warm and relaxing ambience to this space. It is also a chance for you to be crafty and perhaps making your own light fixture. You can use tall and clear jar to create beautiful night light fixture that can be placed on the floor or table. These small balcony ideas are simple and doable enough for you to actually try.

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