85 Good Mid Century Kitchen Decor Ideas

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Mid century kitchen means the style of kitchen that was very popular back in 1950s, hence the “mid-century” name. It is full of classic and vintage look without numerous appliances and kitchen tools on the sight. This style of kitchen is more like on furniture rather than on appliances. It is using earthy-colored shades as the color scheme of kitchen. For those who live in traditional house with large-sized kitchen, this is the type of kitchen style you will have to try to have. The overall look of it will be spectacular and stunning for sure.

This kitchen decor style has to be applied on larger space because a lot of big furniture items will be used in the area. That is why this mid-century style is not one of the best kitchen decor ideas to be applied on tight space. Among the furniture to get involved on the decorations are a large kitchen island, a bar-like counter, and a lot of shelves and cabinets. Back then, people did not have larger appliances such as refrigerator or dishwasher. They were there but not so common at that time. That is why when you use this style, it will be better to conceal the appliances and making them less obvious.

In the mid century kitchen, everything has to look really natural and more on the rustic side. The color scheme is suggested to be brown, grey or ivory. Natural wooden colors are also very common to be found on this kind of kitchen as almost all furniture items in the kitchen are made out of wood, so that all the natural colors and grain textures are visible. For the modern touches, the kitchen can be decorated with wall arts or with some valances on the windows.

In addition, before settling down your choice on this option, make sure that you know exactly what goes with the theme. Basically, this theme is very traditional. It won’t go well when your house is quite contemporary. On the country, if the house has rustic and classic vibe, you can use this theme. It also will help elevate the overall look of the house. This is why mid-century style is one of the best kitchen decor ideas that can be used by everyone. You should at least try this style when the houses you are in are completed by a lot of wooden furniture items.

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