45 Amazing Mid Century Kitchen Design Ideas

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As we know, the decoration of house becomes important aspect as it can easily affect the comfort of people staying and living there. With a good decoration, the house can be nice space to spend the time. However, it will be different when there is bad decoration. That’s why it is necessary to have good decoration, even for the kitchen. As for reference, mid-century kitchen decoration is one of nice kitchen design ideas to choose.

In fact, some people may think mid-century is too old to apply right now. Well, it is true that the model is quite old since the decoration ideas were commonly found in the middle age era. However, it does not mean the middle century decoration is not suitable anymore. In fact, it still looks great with nice characteristic. Even, you may like this kitchen design.

In addition, some houses may not fully adopt the full mid-century concept for kitchen design ideas. The decoration only takes some of main characteristics, and this is also what you are going to have in this kitchen decoration idea. In this case, the signifying color of mid-century style is adopted. The kitchen is dominated by only two colors. Firstly, it has white as the main color. Secondly, it has the brown color coming from the wooden material. Specifically, it shows the brown in light tone.

Well, besides making the room look attractive, in fact the combination of white and brown also gives the good neutral tone in kitchen. These are not kind of boring colors. Even, they can create nice impression because the room looks more spacious and cleaner. Moreover, it makes you easier in matching every detail in the room.

In term of furniture, the kitchen is dominated by wooden material. It is found in its multifunction kitchen island. The island actually has space for the sink. Then, it also becomes the dining table with some chairs around it. Even, on some sides of furniture, it is made into multifunction shelves that allow you to keep some stuffs and cooking equipment.

Surely, it is not bad decision to have the mid-century style for kitchen decoration. It gives nice vibe and comfort. With this, staying in kitchen for enjoying meals will be nice family time to spend. Then, the furniture is also made of wooden material, so this will create better look due to its natural aspect in kitchen design.

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