63+ Smart Small Kitchen Remodel and Open Shelves Ideas

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There are so many kinds of ways to make your kitchen look more enchanting, neat, and even feel comfortable. Among the widely selections of kitchen interior design, most of them are supplemented with open shelves kitchen installation. Open shelves idea for kitchen can give lots of benefits for your kitchen design including great saving space idea to let your kitchen has more available space.

The main concept of open shelves idea for kitchen is applying several designs of floating shelves. Of course it is purposed to save more space in the kitchen. Unlike ordinary kitchen selves, open shelves kitchen design only requires minimum space to install it, yet, it gives more available wider space in the kitchen itself. No wonder, countless of mini sized kitchen apply the installation of open shelves ideas.

Not only works as a smart saving space for small kitchen, open shelves idea for kitchen also provide you more neat kitchen design and look, because it has great function as smart and practical storage to let you put any kitchen appliances on it. Install this kitchen open shelve idea at home will let you have no more messed up kitchen. The open shelves give you the best move to organize any items in the kitchen simply, neatly, and even practically.

Besides, another great advantage you can get from open shelve installation for kitchen is easy to clean. Because the kitchen shelves designed in open shelves style, you can clean directly whenever you see any dust and dirt on kitchen appliances you put on it. If regarding this matter, then you are going to install one of open shelves idea for kitchen, you can find lots of unique and creative ideas here to let you get the right idea and concept in various amazing designs you can choose yourself.

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