76 Good Travel Trailers Remodel for RV Living Ideas

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The trend of living in an RV is increasing today. People love the mobility that it offers as opposed to living in regular houses. In addition to that, you will not use as many resources when living in such tight space. How can you remodel travel trailers to have a good living space to share with your loved ones? One of the main spaces that people tend to look at when remodeling their trailers is kitchen. In most RVs, you will see this space as focal point. Those who live in this space will utilize it a lot. You need to make sure that you pack everything that you need.

It is important to have enough counter space in travel trailers. This counter space can be used for food prepping, presenting food, or even doing your work when there is no cooking activity. Your kitchen appliance should be hidden out of sight to ensure that your counter space is free most of the time. It can be done by building cabinets in the kitchen. For your eating utensils, you can repurpose your jeans to create pockets to keep them. These pockets can be hung on the wall. It does not take a lot of space and your utensils are accessible at all times.

Bathroom is also another important point in travel trailers. You do not want to have to stop somewhere whenever you need bathroom break. However, installing bathroom at such tight and confined space can be tricky because of the odor. You can choose to install toilet that has septic tank attachment. It means that you have to empty the tank out every once in a while. Currently, there is also a trend of using composting toilet. The remains are composted and can be used as fertilizer for your plants. Many people are hesitant about it because they fear of the odor and it is used differently from the conventional toilet. Nonetheless, if the air circulation within your bathroom is good, you do not need to fear about this matter at all.

Bedroom is perhaps the least important room in travel trailers. The design is not meant to make you stay on top of your bed at all times. You still have to make it very comfortable, though. In most RVs, you can only fit queen size bed at most. It is important to create partition around the bed space in order to give you some privacy and quietness during the night. Thus, you can rest peacefully without interruption.

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